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Let all that you do be done in Love. – 1 Corinthians – 16:14.

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We value the arts at our school

A broad and balanced curriculum

During every school day our children are busy making things, drawing, painting and creating.   Creative Arts are vital for our children as they inspire them, as well as uncover hidden talents that our children can take on through the whole of their lives.

They not only help to build our children’s life skills such as supporting them to grow in confidence and to creatively problem solve but also to generate inquisitiveness, curiosity and foster a sense of well being and feelings of self esteem and positive mental health.

Journey to the Gold Artsmark Award – January 2020

Pupils and staff are happy to announce that they will be working together to gain a Gold Artsmark in the next two years. Artsmark is Arts Council England’s award for schools that champion the arts and strive for excellence in their provision. Artsmark celebrates schools that embrace the arts across the curriculum and make the arts come alive for pupils. It is a badge of distinction for schools who engage children in all the arts.

Throughout the next two years we will extend and complement the existing strengths of our art provision. We will be working collaboratively with our federated school in Arts week and workshops across both Key stages. We are keen to celebrate local creativity as well as the more traditional outlets in the Arts world, so that we can celebrate and nurture a love of the arts that will stay with our children as they forge a path into adulthood.

Our Statement of commitment will articulate our ambitions for our future arts provision. We will endeavour to demonstrate our dedication to the arts and a commitment to interweaving the arts into all aspects of school life at Salehurst.

Please see link below for more information about the Artsmark.

Music lessons

We offer choir club and also the following musical instrument lessons for our children:

Guitar;  Piano;  Brass;  Recorders;  Cello:  Flute;  Violins.


Chances for the children to perform

The children have many opportunities to perform their skills if they wish to, such as:

By performing in our school  productions in Yr 1 & 2 at Christmas and Yr 5 & 6 in the summer.

By playing musical instruments or singing at our Church Services etc.


Drama and theatre

We organise exciting theatre trips for the children such as going to London to see the theatre,  Christmas pantos, and going to Glyndebourne to experience children's opera etc.


Please contact the school office using the parents info email for more information: 





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