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Let all that you do be done in Love. – 1 Corinthians – 16:14.

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Reception – Owls

Welcome to Reception!



We like to get stuck in! 

Our aim is to provide the children with a smooth (but exciting!) transition into school. We believe that if you sing, dance, look, touch, listen, play, make, explore, act, draw and sometimes get quite mucky, then you're learning lots.


Each week, we will email out a sheet outlining some of the things that your child will be doing and learning that week so you can talk to them about their learning at home. We love to hear about what your child has done at home so please share their achievements using a 'WOW' moment sheet. We will then be able to add these to their learning journeys.


The Owls have six topics over the course of the year. For more information about our Reception curriculum, please click on the link to go to our curriculum page.


Term 3

Once upon a time, Owls class went on a magical adventure. On this journey they will meet some curious characters, including a spider who kept climbing up a spout. Stopping to speak to her, they will find out some fascinating facts such as how and why she weaves her web and the curious colour of her blood. Continuing on with their journey, they might meet a cat playing a fiddle and a cow jumping over the moon. We encourage the cow to understand that she could have explored the moon in lots of different ways: why not jump behind, in front, under, on, next to it...? Next, we encounter a huge beanstalk stretching up into the clouds. Where could it go? What will we find? We will make moving models of the horrible creature that lives at the top. Having safely negotiated our way down the beanstalk, our troubles aren't over as we encounter three very angry bears who are moaning about someone having broken into their house and ruined their things. We can't help them much but we do try some of their porridge with a variety of delicious toppings; which one is your favourite? Finally, we meet a gingerbread man and visit the bakery to buy our own. Our adventures at an end, we all live happily ever after.

Here are some websites that you and your child might enjoy looking at together: