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Let all that you do be done in Love. – 1 Corinthians – 16:14.

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Reception – Owls

Welcome to Reception!



We like to get stuck in! 

Our aim is to provide the children with a smooth (but exciting!) transition into school. We believe that if you sing, dance, look, touch, listen, play, make, explore, act, draw and sometimes get quite mucky, then you're learning lots.


Each week, we will email out a sheet outlining some of the things that your child will be doing and learning that week so you can talk to them about their learning at home. We love to hear about what your child has done at home so please share their achievements using a 'WOW' moment sheet. We will then be able to add these to their learning journeys.


The Owls have six topics over the course of the year. For more information about our Reception curriculum, please click on the link to go to our curriculum page.


Term 6

Off We Go!

This topic covers journeys: where we might go, how we might get there, what we might see...As part of this work, we will accompany Mr Gumpy in his motor car as he takes some very difficult passengers for a ride. We will go further afield, visiting China to learn about the origins and traditions of the exciting Dragon Boat Festival and finding out about some other Chinese celebrations too. As if this wasn't far enough, we will also leave Earth and travel into space, landing on the moon. With any luck, we might spot some aliens lurking about! Having landed back on Earth with a bump, we will then go on a lion hunt in Africa and find out exactly what 'Handa's Surprise' is. After all that, we ready for our summer break so that we're rested and prepared for our own exciting journey into Year 1.

Here are some websites that you and your child might enjoy looking at together: