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Let all that you do be done in Love. – 1 Corinthians – 16:14.

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16/12/20. Hawks have had a busy day.  We have been making Christmas decorations for our trees.  First, we drilled a hole in our wooden disc with a palm drill, using our Forest School skills!  Then, we used acrylic paints to paint a picture onto the wooden disc.  Finally, we used Christmas coloured wool to make a hanger.  We had great fun doing this, along with having our Christmas dinner and watching a pantomime by Bexhill College students.  

Starfish Malawi have launched a new project - Clean Hands.  Following a presentation on the Clean Hands project, Hawks class wanted to make their own wash stations so, we made it our DT project.  The children researched different types of wash stations around the world and then, in pairs, designed their own.  After sourcing their materials, they built their design, which involved some problem solving and team work.  We tested each design and scored their stability, look, usability, water capacity and hygiene. The children then evaluated their own wash stand, writing what was good about it, what wasn't so good about it and what they would do different next time.  Thank you to parents for your help in sourcing materials!  We all had great fun doing this.  

Buzzards Forest School sessions were unfortunately cut short, but we still had lots of fun!  The children loved the new mud kitchen and made cup cakes and Viking stew - yum!  They also enjoyed making Viking braids, which required team work and concentration.  There was so much resilience when fire striking and all children managed to light their cotton wool ball in the end!  Then there was the rope swing, making things with clay, playing games, cloth dying with natural materials (onion skins, blueberries and sloes) and some gardening.  We had so much fun!   
During the October half term the cabin (or pod!) was purchased with funds from a nurture grant and is part of a project to develop nurture provision and provide Emotional Literacy support sessions. We will be creating a sensory garden around the cabin which will be a great space for children to work in small groups to develop their emotional literacy and resilience. Children are learning about the importance of looking after their mental health and this area will provide a special place to enhance wellbeing across the whole school.  Once the space is set up there will be a rota so that each class will have a time to use it (only in small groups so all children will get to use the space but they might have to wait a while for their turn :) ).